8 Celebrities That Had A Lasik Surgery, And Got Their Eyesight Back

Published on January 21, 2015
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The way that science has changed our day to day lives is simply beyond recognition. At the very crux of the development of technology has been the need to progress the abilities of our own body. From prosthetics to robotics all the way to lasik eye correction, we are able to help our own shortcomings. The work that a lasik surgeon does is not just reserved for the common people. In fact, LASIK surgery is popular among celebrities that need to look good and be able to operate at 110% at all times. Whether these celebrities decided to get surgery for aesthetic reasons or functional ones, the end results all seem to sound the same: pure success and better vision. Let’s take a look at some famous celebrities who saw eye laser surgery change their lives.

LeBron James

LeBron James is just a guy that happens to like basketball and he also might be one of the best to ever play the game. Born in 1984, LeBron James is a professional NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is the youngest player to hit a multitude of statistical marks and he did it with blurry vision! LeBron admitted to suffering from impaired vision and he underwent lasik surgery in order to remedy the problem. After getting the surgery done he said that he could see the rim and net clearer than ever. For literal proof that surgery helped James you can check his career statistics. James’ field goal percentage, which measures how many baskets he makes compared to his misses, rose dramatically after the corrective surgery. Since his correction LeBron has gone on to win a pair of NBA Titles as well as a slew of individual awards. Now returned to the franchise that drafted him, after a dramatic run with the Miami Heat, LeBron will try to do the impossible and win a championship for Cleveland’s second saddest sports franchise, the Cavaliers. LeBron James isn’t the only superstar to have gotten this procedure, though! Lasik eye surgery is actually incredibly common among some of the top athletes in the world and that is something that will be expanded upon as you continue to read this list.

LeBron James had LASIK Surgery

LeBron James