10 Stunning Facts about the Brand New Google Car

Published on June 16, 2016
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Technology is pushing us forward in ways that we can barely understand every passing day. From cell phones to spaceships, there are leaps and bounds in technological progression happening every moment. Perhaps most strikingly has been the evolution of the self driving car. Once thought to exist only in the realm of science fiction, in films like Minority Report, the self driving car is getting nearer and nearer to public release. Google is pioneering the industry with their Google Car. Being that the Google Car is still somewhat mysterious, we decided to break down the vehicle with 10 easy to understand facts that will blow your mind! Keep on reading if you have even a passing interest in this wondrous new automobile.

The Google Car can move up to 100 miles per charge.

So before you go ahead and look up online car insurance for your new Google Car, you might want to know that they can only drive up to 100 miles per charge. This sounds crazy, and will probably jack up online auto insurance prices, but the truth is that this amount isn’t very bad. You should know that 100 miles is a crazy good range for battery only vehicles, as other battery operated vehicles can’t even go that far. If the idea of such a limited range makes you uncomfortable then you should know that the car will have built in precautions to prevent you from planning a trip longer than your car can safely make. So don’t be worried about your drivers anxiety. Your Google Car is built with computers and top shelf technology that will ensure that you always have enough battery to get safely back to where you came from.

he Google Car can move up to 100 miles per charge