8 Celebs That Pay Too Much On Car Insurance

Published on 11/16/2014

If you were a celebrity, would you opt into car insurance? After all, when bringing in millions, if not tens of millions of dollars a year, would you spend it on insurance, or just go and buy a new car if something happens to your old one? While records of who has car insurance and the kind of insurance they have is not open for public record, chances are that despite bringing in the big bucks, most of them still have insurance. So, this is a hypothetical list of celebrities who, if they did own car insurance, probably are paying too much for it (and might actually be paying more for their insurance than what you earn annually).

Kim Kardashian

Kim is into all of the latest trends and needs to look good all the time (regardless of whether you agree with her idea of “looking good”). Beyond this though, she owns a large number of exotic vehicles, including a Ferrari and Bentley. Once her “reality” show is off the air, her only source left of income is going to revolve around the occasional modeling gig or paid appearance she might book. Of course, as long as she is with Kanye West, she probably won’t have much of a problem paying her premium. Chances are, she has also never looked at a car insurance online quote either. But that is just speculation.

Jay Leno

This guy might be the king of car owners. He has overall hundred vehicles, many of which are classics, in his name. Can you imagine the auto insurance he would pay on a couple hundred classic cars, many of which only have a handful of remaining models in existence? Chances are, he would be paying a couple million dollars (if not more) on car insurance. It would prove rather interesting just to know what an online auto insurance quote might run him.