8 Celebs That Pay Too Much On Car Insurance

Published on 11/16/2014

Paris Hilton

Paris is kind of in the same boat as Kim Kardashian. Now, she does work more and has a steady modeling career, so she shouldn’t have a problem affording it, not to mention the amount of money her family is worth. However, she is not going to land an cheap auto insurance any time soon. She drives a custom Bentley GT Continental with a Barbie pink paint job. With all the customization on the vehicle, auto insurance quotes are not going to be kind to her.

David Beckham

David drives a custom Rolls-Royce Phantom. Combine the fact that this is both an import and it runs for over $400,000, he is going to have an out of this world car insurance payment every month. Of course, he brings in a nice paycheck from his professional soccer career, not to mention he models as well, so paying for the insurance should be a piece of cake.