Top 5 Foods to Eat in South Africa

Published on 03/09/2020

Top 5 Foods to Eat in South Africa

South Africa is an extraordinarily diverse country filled with many different cultures. Each of these cultures have their own unique and delicious foods that cannot be missed especially when traveling in South Africa. South African cuisines are amongst the most nutritional on the African continent that will no doubt energize your taste buds.
Here are 5 must-try South-African cuisines that will give you a glimpse into the country’s diverse and delightful cultures.

Bunny Chow

This tasty street food that originates from the city of Durban, deriving from the Indian population, has become popular across South Africa. This dish is considered non-vegetarian, usually made with chicken, mince or lamb. First, a loaf of white bread is hollowed out, which is then filled with spicy curry. Bunny Chow is cheap and totally filling, bunny chow is the perfect backpacker meal. This highly enjoyable meal is among the top-rated cuisines in South Africa


A popular, traditional Southern African meal, Chakalaka was invented in the city of Johannesburg where it later became a staple dish. This effortless yet creative dish is a spicy vegetable relish consisting of tomatoes, beans, and onions as its main elements, although some might add different ingredients such as carrots, bell peppers, chilies, and ginger. Chakalaka is often served best at a classic South African braai (barbeque).

Malva Pudding

This heavenly sweet and sticky apricot dessert originates from the Dutch community. When this delicious pudding is removed from the oven, a cream-based sauce is added from the top to make this dish even more sweet and enjoyable. Ice cream and custard are great serving combinations.

Milk Tart

This one is for all the dessert lovers! Milk Tart, otherwise known as melktert in Afrikaans is a sweet, milky dessert that consists of a pastry crust and a creamy filling made of milk, flour, sugar, and eggs. The dish can either be served hot or cold, but it is recommended to sprinkle powdered cinnamon on top. This is always a super way to finish off a traditional South African meal.


Perhaps one of South Africa’s most-loved snacks, biltong is a salty, dried and spicy meat. Biltong is usually made from beef or game, although chicken and bacon varieties do exist. This delicious snack is served at just about any social gathering.