Signs That You Are Ready For A Relationship

Published on 02/01/2022

Being single is great. But sometimes there are those moments in life where you might wish you had someone else by your side. And if you already have someone special in mind, you might be wondering: is it serious or can it go away? These signs tell you whether you are ready for a relationship – because if you are not ready, chances are high that your relationship will not work out in the first place. So here is what you need to be aware of.

Signs That You Are Ready For A Relationship

You Are Happy With Yourself

This is probably the most important point to have in mind. If you are in a happy place in life and self-confident, you will be able to carry this self-confidence into a relationship. This is the best prerequisite for a happy, non-possessive relationship in which you can lead a contented life independently of your partner. Because too much obsession is not healthy in the long run.

You No Longer Think You Are Missing Everything

Obviously, life does not end when you’re in a relationship – but it’s still important to have had certain experiences (if you want to have them). Because that saves you the feeling of missing something later. In short, decide what you want out of life, and then you’ll know if you’re ready for a relationship.

You Are Ready To Be Vulnerable

When you’re single, you’re used to developing a hard shell. Especially when you realize that at some point there are more feelings and they are not returned. Because nobody wants to get hurt. However, when you realize that you can open up and consciously allow feelings, then it’s time for something serious. Communication and honesty are the key to a happy partnership. Even with yourself.

You Know Your Limits

Saying “no” is important. Also and especially in a relationship. Far too often it happens that people become so absorbed in a partnership that they forget about themselves and open the floodgates to psychological violence, for example. It doesn’t have to be. Clearly defining your own boundaries is central to a mature relationship.

You Are No Longer Thinking About Your Ex

After a breakup, it is absolutely normal to think about what he or she is doing, how he or she is doing and whether your ex-partner is also secretly thinking about you. At first there seems to be no other topic and thoughts revolve around the ex several times a day. But over time the brooding becomes less and you can also think about other things. At the latest when you realize that you have completely forgotten to think about your past love, the time has come when you can dare something new.